Decentralised NFT
Racehorse Platform

DeRace is a blockchain-based racehorse platform that joins millions of racehorse enthusiasts in a community where you can buy and breed NTF horses.
Get Horse

Own and breed NFT horses

It’s not about just owning an NFT horse, it’s about making them useful.

Get your NFT horses to work by placing them on races or breed them for sale.
Own Hippodrome

Host horse races

Become a bookmaker and host races in your own hippodrome.
Earn on your own or share your profit.
Own both a part and a whole hippodrome.

Bet on real-time
race horses

There’s no fun in horse racing without betting. Bet on your favorite horses in
real-time races and double your money.
DeRace is a platform that simulates real-life horse racing and gives players the ultimate horse racing experience. It contains not only the race itself but also other exciting parts of the industry.

There’s never a zero

DeRace provides provides a multitude of ways for players to earn actual profit

How to join a

Blockchain and smart contracts guarantee a transparent, fair, private, and safe experience

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Decentralised NFT horse
racing  and betting platform
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